Can I help you?

I’ve been writing software professionally since the turn of the century. I’m “well seasoned”. I want to work on intersting projects with cool people to make a difference. Your project doesn’t have to change the world or disrupt any markets, but I’d much rather work on something that made someone’s day better than not.

I might be able to help, if you:

  • Have a frustrating business problem and you know there has to be a better way.
  • Had an iPhone, iPad or Rails app built for you. While it was shiny at the time it could use a little TLC now.
  • Need someone to build the backend for an iOS app you’re having developed.
  • Are thinking about moving from Rails to Phoenix.
  • Need an iOS app.
  • Want an iOS app.

I probably want to help, if you:

  • can and will make a decision sooner rather than later given what we know at the time.
  • work with me as a partner, be the business expert and let me be the tech expert.
  • pay on time.

What’s Next?

Feel free to email me to set up a consultation or check out some of my work.