Daily Review #22

Started the first round of discussions with some Virtual Assistants today. Also spent a ridiculous amount of time working on a flyer for a networking meetup this evening. If I already had a VA maybe she could have done it and I could have written more code. Mmmmmm, code. She could probably figure out what to use for my sprint demo tomorrow (webex, goto meeting, etc) and set all that up. Good suggestion for that? 4-8 people, need to see 1 screen with voice chat.

Interesting tidbits from around the web

  • @jschoolcraft/railsbridge – Had to happen sooner or later, the RailsBridge twitter list of goodness. Lots of interesting projects happening because of some really awesome folks.
  • Erin Blaskie – Definitely a new media Virtual Assistant wonder woman. I initially found her from this youtube video. She has a million things going on and they all look awesome. I think she might be a tad out of my league as a VA but damn she speaks geek, uses basecamp, and does all the stuff I don’t want to do.
  • RailsCollab – I haven’t look at this in a long time, but I fired it up today and it’s looking pretty good.
  • AppTabs – Sounds like a really cool idea but didn’t look nearly as good on my machine.
  • FF3.6b2 – Why not, the last one went well :)
  • A FireFox setup – some interesting bits like Multi Links. Once I figure out if I can get Ubiquity to become part of my workflow I’ll post my setup. There were a few doc commands for Ubiquity for Rails and Ruby but they were against the old API, does someone have new ones?
  • Securing WordPress – I need to do the .htaccess bit and restrict access to admin from my IP though it looks to have a few consequences.
  • MySQL Defaults – and how to tweak them, according to Jeremy Zawodny for high volume sites.
  • 6 Tips for Using Google Wave on Your First Project – More tips to try to find a good use case for waves. I mentioned Wave at the meetup tonight, I got a lot of confused stares. Maybe in a couple years it’ll be teh awesome, but for now it’s still ultrageek cutting edge at best.
  • Turkey Brining – What? It’s almost Thanksgiving. I love brining my turkeys, Alton Brown was my introduction but this post is even deeper into the details.
  • Gifts for Designers – Interesting list of gifts for designer types. Notepod looks interesting, like a really expensive custom Moleskine but neat nonetheless. But Food Face? I think I’m getting that for my girls for Christmas, how can they not eat their dinner on that plate?
  • KniQuil – Organic NyQuil, so they say. Mint leaves, agave nectar, green chiles, Southern Comfort and other stuff.


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