How I Work


I almost exclusively work remotely. With family and other obligations onsite work is out of the question.


I’m generally available for communication between 9a and 3p EST. Evenings and weekends are for my family.


I prefer to operate with a Master Services Agreement [MSA] that defines our working relationship and Statements of Work [SOW] as addendums to the MSA for the tasks themeselves.

I’m happy to provide you with a copy of my MSA and a sample SOW, just send me an email.



I’m not a fan of the phone in general and tend not to answer if it’s an inconvenient time or an unrecognized number. I understand that voice and video chats are much better at conveying meaning through tone and body language than email. I just prefer calls to be scheduled, have an agenda and, if necessary, have at least minimal written follow up to agree on the outcome of the call.

Other ways

As we decide if we can work together email is the best option.

Working together I prefer to use something a little more persistent and organized than email for task related conversations. I can likely adapt to whatever you’re using internally. If you don’t have a system I’ll suggest one.