Trinexum API


Lead Developer. I was brought in to rescue the failing ruby API project. Over the course of my involvement I sometimes hired additional developers to help add bandwidth to the API project.


The Trinexum API was built as a way to expose Trinexum Data to a variety of endpoints. The two primary endpoints where the web application that was being rewritten in ASP.NET and a mobile app being developed in PhoneGap.

The Trinexum system is a series of systems designed to help YMCAs (and similar organizations) to handle everything:

  • membership
  • card access
  • purchases
  • course registration
  • camp registration
  • etc


Initially the task was to evaluate the existing code base and get the API ready for launch for a single YMCA.

After the API launched, enhancements and modifications included:

  • Expanding the number of YMCAs that used the new systems
  • Adding features so the web and mobile clients could gain parity with the previous web app
  • scalability
  • performance


Sinatra, SQL Server, Nginx, Passenger, Varnish, Ansible.


I was originally hired by NetVentures who was aquired by daxko.