Custom Web Applications

My preferred production stack is Ubuntu, Ruby on Rails and Postgresql. I’m interested in exploring Phoenix and Elixir, if that’s something you’re interested that could be really cool.


Custom iOS App development.


Develop and Design APIs for consumption by another client, typically mobile or another web application.


Rails Apps

Bring older Rails Apps up to date to make them easier to maintain and less vulnerable to security issues.

iOS Apps

Get your iOS app to a point where you can push updates to the App Store.


Monthly service contracts that provide you a number of hours to be used for bug fixes, maintenance or slow implementation of features for apps (Rails or iOS) that you own but don’t have the ability to support.


I’m not a designer. If your project includes a design element it’s best to hire that out if you have a preferred designer. I can recommend designers if you don’t have a relationship with one already.